Learn About The Different Stages Your Carpet Goes Through

Vacuum-cleaner-cleaning-home-carpetThe Life Cycle Of Carpet

When you get new carpet, you are excited about how nice it looks and how it feels under your feet. But have you ever wondered what happens to carpet over years of use? This guide will give you a good idea of how carpet interacts with your home throughout its lifespan.

New Carpet

Your new carpet looks and feels great. It’s clean, fresh, fluffy, and everything you’ve wanted. In order to keep your carpet looking new, you will want to vacuum it on a regular basis. Vacuuming will suck the dirt and debris from the carpet and keep it from getting trampled down into the pad, where makes it harder to remove and clean. You might also want to get the carpet professionally cleaned from time to time in order to remove the dirt that does get trampled in.

The 5-Year-Old Carpet

Once your carpet has been in your home for five years, it may start to show a little bit of wear. If you care for it properly, it could still look like new. But for high traffic areas, it could be showing signs of wear. Vacuuming often and keeping it clean will make your carpet look and last longer.

The 10-Year-Old Carpet

By the time your carpet is 10 years old, chances are there may be a stain somewhere. Most carpeting comes with a stain-resistant finish, but over time, that treatment fades and leaves the carpet unprotected. Professional cleaners know how to remove tough stains and you may want to enlist their help in order to get your carpets clean and to avoid damaging the glue that binds your carpet to the pad. You might also start to see a slightly more wear and tear on the carpet edges and in high traffic areas.

15-Year-Old Carpet

By the time carpets are 15 years old, the padding underneath is often worn. The padding is like the pillow under a case. The carpets are like a layer of fabric without any padding under it. Padding supports the carpet and works as a foundation to make the carpet comfortable. The buffer helps keep the rooms quieter and improves insulation. Padding can also absorb spills and become uneven over time. A 15-year-old carpet usually has worn padding, which simply means it needs to be replaced.

What You Should Do If You Have Old Carpets

Eventually, carpets just wear out. If you take good care of your carpets, they can last for many years. But eventually, they too will wear out. That’s when you call the professionals at Carpet Pros to help you with the replacement process. You’re welcome to come into the showroom to browse through the wide selection of premium carpets. Our design specialists help you find the perfect flooring for any room of your house. You can also get a free in-home estimate on the project so you know what you are in for throughout the project.

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