Different Colors of Hardwood Flooring

4 Things to Consider Before Choosing Hardwood Flooring

Different Colors of Hardwood FlooringYou’ve finally decided on hardwood flooring, but, unfortunately, you’re not done making decisions just yet. As you know, hardwood flooring is a major investment for your home. Before you make any major decisions, we have compiled a list of questions to make sure you are ultra confident in your decision to install hardwood flooring.

1. What Rooms in My Home Will Have Hardwood Flooring?

The location of where you’ll install your flooring makes a huge difference. Are you looking to install hardwood in the basement? Maybe on the second floor of your home? Hardwood on the second floor can make your home noisier. Movement on the second floor will easily be heard throughout the home, while carpet can act as a cushion and sound barrier.

Installing hardwood in the basement can be risky. Depending on your home, sometimes the basement can be a damp, or moisture filled space. Hardwood flooring is not the best option for these living conditions, as it can be damaged.

2. What is the Subfloor Made of?

The three most common types of subfloor that are found in homes are concrete slab, plywood, and particleboard. Depending on what type of subfloor you have in your home, you may or may not be able to install traditional hardwood.

When installing over concrete slab, it is imperative that you lay a plastic moisture barrier and screw in plywood on top before installing hardwood. This can be an additional cost that can put you over your budget and cost more time to install.

Installing hardwood directly over particle board is not recommended. To ensure the most out of your investment, be sure that you replace the particle board with plywood before installing.

3. Is Hardwood the Best Flooring Option for My Lifestyle?

Before making the final decision on hardwood, be sure to assess how much abuse your floors will get. Do you have children or pets? Is your home always chosen to host events?

These are contributing factors to high-traffic homes that can easily scratch and damage your new hardwood.

Consider if the beauty of hardwood is worth the maintenance to you and your family. If you have a high-traffic family, you’ll want to choose a harder species of wood, like red oak.

4. Will the Hardwood Flooring Match the Style of My Home?

If you fall in love with a deep hickory in the showroom, but take it home only to find that it is too dark for your home, this can be a major issue. In most cases, different species of woods lend themselves better to certain styles.

When you’re shopping for hardwood, ask the design specialist to supply you with samples of the hardwood flooring that appeals most to you. This will allow you to bring home a small piece of flooring to test in your desired space. You can see how the hardwood looks in the lighting, next to your current furniture, and how it can affect the overall style of your home.


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  1. Nash Rich

    It does make sense that you would have to really think about where you would put hardwood floors. I’ve always wanted wood floors, but I don’t think it would be appropriate to have them everywhere. I think it depends on the rooms and how they look too.

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