Flooring Companies Have Options For Bathrooms

bathroom-with-hardwood-floorsHardwood Flooring For Bathrooms From Flooring Companies

Not very many bathrooms feature floors full of carpet since the room is usually rather wet and not conducive to fabric materials on the floor. Hardwood is one of the most desirable flooring surfaces for any room in the house. But when it comes to the bathroom, is hardwood flooring a good idea? The bathroom has a different environment than the rest of the house. Humidity and moisture can damage wood easily. But there are hardwood options that can work, even in the bathroom.

Keep In Mind That Faux Is Still Wood

Some flooring companies would try to steer you towards faux hardwood surfaces for the bathroom, but remember that floors that imitate real wood are still made out of wood. Sure, they have some vinyl bases and they look like complete hardwood floors, but they can still be damaged. Having real hardwood floors in the bathroom is absolutely an option, but you need to use common sense in your choices before you install the wrong thing.

Wood To Use And Wood Not To Use

There are certain softwoods that are very absorbent including pine and fir. They shouldn’t be used in the bathroom because they will likely get damaged when exposed to all of the water and moisture that the room holds. Other woods, however, such as oak, cherry, cedar, ash, hickory, maple, and walnut are best for this type of project.

Flooring Companies Have Finishing Options

Any of the woods that you put on a bathroom floor, even the right type of wood, would be vulnerable to water damage if you left it in its natural, unprotected state. Applying a finishing agent is necessary in order to keep the floor beautiful long-term. The most common finish is a polyurethane based sealer. This seals the wood and provides a protective coat over it. The best type is a marine grade sealant that is made for outdoor elements. You will want to apply the coating several times, especially around the joints and seams.

Get More Advice On Bathroom Flooring From Flooring Companies

Protective sealants will have to be reapplied as time goes by to extend the lifespan of the wood. You can also use mats and rugs to collect water after showers. But you will still not want to lay a wet item (like a towel) on the wood for a long period of time. Water can leak from the sink onto the floor or around the bathtub and that’s okay, but you won’t want to let it sit forever. You likely wipe water up on the bathroom floor to prevent slips anyway so having hardwood isn’t an issue for most people. You will also want to avoid getting soap and shampoos off the floors or they can damage the wood. With a few precautions, you can have the beauty of natural wood in your bathroom. Get more advice from Carpet Pros, your flooring company of choice, and increase the value of your home starting in the bathroom.

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