Common Types Of Materials For Area Rugs

area-rug-close-by-sofa-in-living-roomChoosing The Best Area Rugs

When you are looking for just the right rugs, one of the important factors that will go into the decision is the material. Material affects the function, feel, and durability of any rug. The perfect rug has to come with the right material to meet your needs and goals. Here are a few different, normal materials and fibers that rugs often come in on today’s market.

Natural Fiber Rugs

Before you look at individual materials, you need to understand that there are two categories: natural and synthetic. Natural fibers, like wool, are used in handmade rugs and are more durable. They are made of fine materials that last longer and don’t release harmful emissions into the environment over time. They can be woven, tufted, or knotted by hand.

Wool Rugs Are Durable Options

Wool is one of the most durable materials that rugs often hold. It is a versatile fiber that dyes easily and holds color well. It can also hold that appearance for a long time and stand up against high traffic. Wool is comfortable against the feet and perfect for active families. It even repels liquids so it doesn’t stain as easily. Wool rugs are usually thicker, but also comes in a flat weave for a shorter option.

Cotton Rugs Dye Easily

Cotton can come in a variety of colors in a braided or flat weave. They are a soft alternative that is also durable and even machine washable. They cost less than wool and give a more casual look, which is great for families on a budget.

Silk And Viscose Rugs Add Depth

These rugs easily absorb the dye and are highly versatile. They are not as durable as others so they may not be placed in high traffic areas as easily. They work well when you combine them with rugs of other materials. Their beautiful fibers give the rugs a beautiful sheen and a new level of depth.

Synthetic Fiber Rugs

These machine-made rugs can be customized by size, pattern, color, and on any other level. The details are entered into a computer and the rug forms just how you want it. There are a number of options for this material platform as well.

Nylon Rugs Come In Limitless Colors

Nylon rugs can be transformed into any color and as many colors as you want. You can easily clean it and it resists dirt and crumbs. It is strong, durable, and works well in high traffic areas. It also has a silky look so it has a nice sheen, however, the acid dyed process can lead to fading over time.

Polypropylene Rugs Are Popular

The most popular manufactured rugs are Olefin or polypropylene. These soft, wool-like rugs are stain-resistant and hold color well, but they are also affordable. They even work in outdoor settings. However, furniture can mark the material and it can show its wear over time.

Find The Right Area Rugs

It can be hard to decide between all of the material options and these aren’t even all of the choices on the market. When you’re ready to move forward and look into more materials, contact Carpet Pros for help making informed decisions.

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