Wood Floor Staining

Has your hardwood flooring lost its beauty? Has it faded over time? Or do you want to change the shade of the wood? Wood floor staining is the perfect option for you! A Carpet Pros, we have been staining wood floors in the South Bay for over 22 years with fast and professional service.

Wood floor staining gives you the opportunity to restore your hardwood floors without the costs of a full replacement. There are a variety of color stains that will help you achieve a completely unique look in your home.

There are so many options of hardwood stain that it can become overwhelming. Here are some tips to choose the best color stain for your home

  • Species of wood – Each species of wood takes a stain differently. The color may appear one shade on the brush, but when it is applied to the wood, it can turn out completely different. What we suggest is to sample the desired color in your home to better view the outcome before the entire room is completed.
  • Accessories in home – If you accessories are light or dark, try to accommodate them by pairing it with the opposite shade. For example, if you have dark accessories, a light or gray stain may compliment it better than a dark stain.
  • Lighting – Lighting in your space can completely change the look of the color of stain. It is important to test the stain with the lighting in the room before you begin to apply onto your floors.
  • Traffic – If your home is constantly filled with people or pets coming and going, you may want to consider a darker stain. With light stains you can see imperfections more in the floor, but dust and debris are harder to identify.

If you are looking to update your home without a major renovation, we can help! Our hardwood floor staining services will completely transform the look and feel of your home without breaking the bank. For your hardwood flooring needs, go with the pros!


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