Wood Floor Distressing

Wood-floor-distressing (1)Nothing is better than a home that is filled with charm and character. Over the years, we have noticed the trend of distressing. This adds a rustic look to new wood floors to create a “lived-in” feel that makes a home feel warm and welcome.

Wood floor distressing is the process of giving new floors a “distressed” or rugged look. This is achieved in a variety of ways. Wood floor distressing is a time consuming and labor consuming process, but the results it creates will give your home timeless beauty. Here is what you can expect from us when you have your new floors distressed:

Step 1: Choose Wood: Our friendly design experts will help you choose the right species of wood that will be most able to create the look you desire. Every species of wood reacts differently to finishing, distressing and sanding, so it is important that you assess what you want your floors to look like so we can help you determine the best fit.

Step 2: Distress Wood: Throughout this process, we will begin to add character to the wood. This can be accomplished in many ways. Depending on the species of wood, we will use a combination of the following:

  • Chain, drill or hammer – create the look of worn or lived-on wood
  • Wire brush – to create a deeper grain in the wood
  • Hot metal or soldering iron – this can create a more damaged or distressed look
  • Hand scrapers or sanders – creates more controlled divots or wear

Step 3: Finish & Install – we will apply the desired stain and finish to the wood and install it into your space.

We understand that adding new floors in your home can take away some of the warm and welcoming feeling. We can change that with our wood floor distressing services. If you are looking for a team of friendly professionals that can help your house feel like a home, go with the pros.


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