Staircase Installation

Your multi-level home in the South Bay is dependent on a strong and well-maintained staircase. If your current staircase needs to be replaced or if you are adding a second level to your home, we can help. We offer many styles, shapes, and types of staircases that will add functionality and design to your space. Our staircase installation team has been installing and replacing staircases in homes for over 22 years. Our expertise and knowledge is unmatched by others in the area.

Types of Staircases

At Carpet Pros, we offer a variety of staircase options that are sure to match the current style of your space. Staircases can be more than just an access point to the second level of your home. They can act as a centerpiece or major design aspect in your space. Whether you prefer wood, glass, or metal, there are a number of options to choose from. If you’re not quite sure where to get started, our team of design experts at Carpet Pros can help you completely understand your options.

Staircases may be straight, round or, designed with a combination of straight and curved angles. You can add other elements into your staircase, including landings, which is simply a wider space that can be used as a resting point or to change directions of the stairs. The primary designs of staircases include:

  • Spiral Staircases  – Wind around a centered pole. Most spiral stairs have a handrail that is only on the outer side with the inner side being the center pole.
  • Helical Staircases – Circular stairs that do not have a center pole. Helical stairs have a handrail on both sides and the tread is more uniform in style. This type of staircase can also be built around an oval platform.
  • Bespoke staircases – Standard style of stairs. They can be custom made or bought as kits. A Bespoke staircase installation can be designed to suit any style, including with or without railing.

Before you choose a staircase for your home, it is crucial to understand the building regulations in your area. At Carpet Pros, we have over 22 years of experience installing staircases in the South Bay. We will guide you to the right staircase selections that will comply with all building codes and regulations. We will help you choose the best material, style, and design of staircase that will help make your home beautiful and functional. For all of your staircase needs, go with the pros.


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